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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Weekends it is getting harder to think of things to type.  My life lately has revolved around knitting the shawl, and working on that special project.  I made the mistake of putting it off, then hurting my hand so I couldn't do anything... So, it became push coming to shove, and I had to get the job done.  I did.  Finished today - and due to be turned in Monday.  So, that is a relief.

So now, I can get cracking on the house.

We have set a date for another pig roast this summer - going to be the second weekend in August. :)  Same as last year.  So, now I have a goal to work toward - getting the house done and the planning.  Looking forward to it.

Otherwise -  I guess it is back to the shawl.  I have four more rows written out, that need to be knit, then I get back to the chart and write it out.  I normally prefer to work from charts, but since I started writing this one out, and since I'm working from the laptop which doesn't get along with my printer for some reason, I am continuing to write the pattern.  Then, the joy of typing what I wrote... ick.  I'm thinking about forcing myself into a deadline, and starting a Yahoo group soon for this project... So I can share the pattern free.  I mentioned before that I don't know how to do it via the blog, so I think I'll just do it as a non-mystery KAL and offer the pattern via an open Yahoo group.

Anyway - like I said, can't think of much more to say, and I'm running on battery power at the moment, so I will sign off now, and go knit for a while :)


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