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Monday, April 23, 2012

There wasn't anything really to post

I know  I missed posting yesterday.  I thought about it a few times.  But all I could think of was that I have said so much lately about garbage and compost and recycling, that to make any sort of "Earth Day" post would be repetitive.  And I really had nothing much else to say that hasn't been said about the shawl, either.  I'm still working on knitting the first of three lace patterning sections.  Slow going, because I'm writing it out line by line while I knit... The chart is more or less put together, but I'm also refining that as I go - figuring out how many repeats, etc.  And, last night, I was making the silly mistakes again, needing to rip back every second row.  So, I finally made a note that I need to fix, and what row I was on, and put it aside.  Toyed with the idea of dragging out the laptop and posting to the blog... finally just caught up with some recorded programs and ate potato chips. ;)

So - I'm behind on Grimm - DH "discovered" while channel surfing that "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was on, so we watched that.  Then it was hockey on Saturday night, and last night, he went to bed early... Since he has started watching Grimm with me, I didn't think it fair to just watch it myself, at least not without checking with him first.  He's not as into it as I am - so he hasn't seen every episode, but knows enough to be able to follow the story lines.

So, I figured I'd go with back to back Star Trek Voyager - three episodes knocked off last night.  I think I'm somewhere into the second season... and wondering about the continuity people from that show.  There used to be a joke - definition of a soap opera? where it takes a woman 12 months to have a premature baby - So, I'm watching these episodes, and in the first, second, or third - the ship has been tossed out of the alpha quadrant, and will take years to get home... one of the crew members mentions she had found out she was pregnant shortly before the mission... Then, later, there is an episode that mentions they've been in the delta quadrant for ten months... but this crew member is seeing the holographic doctor for her pre-natal check-ups.  And she still hasn't delivered as of the latest episode I've seen, where Neelix (a character they picked up in the delta quadrant in episode one or two) mentioned being on the ship for "about a year".

Just glad I'm past child-bearing years, if in the future, women are pregnant for over a year....

Yes, if I'd been watching this first run, with weeks or months between episodes and seasons, I still would have noted the lack of continuity...

I even notice some things about Big Bang Theory... (first episode, the boys were looking to raise money for improved internet access, yet Sheldon has few financial needs so he has wads of money stashed in the apartment to loan to Penny, but also says that if he didn't need a roommate to help with rent, he'd kick Leonard out....)

Doesn't change my enjoyment of the show(s), just that I do notice these things.

I also ended up staying up later, because I decided to also watch the latest episode of Once Upon a Time.  Last week, I taped it, and when I was going to watch it found out it was a rerun... When I was done watching STV, I put the TV back on regular programming, and hit OUaT at the mid-point.  Saw it was a new episode, so rewound and started watching...

In other news... ;)  We put together the new BBQ we bought yesterday.  Nice looking machine!! Works, too.  We didn't cook on it, just turned it on to make sure it was all working right.  The instructions said, "estimated assembly time - 30 minutes".  Uh huh.... 3 hours later....   It didn't help that I did manage to put two cross pieces on upside down and backwards...   I looked and looked at the picture, diagrams, etc. and couldn't tell from them where the one screw-hole would be used.  And, the way they went together - there was a keyhole shaped hole, you put over the screw heads then moved to lock in place.  Honestly, that gives me trouble almost all the time - so, instead of putting them so they locked in place by moving down, I had them moving up - so of course, they fell off later!  (we needed to back off a screw to make another piece fit - and the directions said not to tighten all the screws until the end anyway).  So, when I was fixing that part, I realized where the screw hole was supposed to line up to - which really was not shown well at all in the diagram anywhere.  I finally found it, at the end - a small marked circle in black print on a dark grey shaded part... you could see it once you really knew what you were looking for and where to look!

We took pictures of our new toy - I'll share them later when I do my next camera download :)


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