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Monday, May 07, 2012

New week, new goals...

I'm going with some short term goals within my monthly goals.

I want to, today, get the bathroom cleaned properly.  Tomorrow, I want to do the back entryway of our house.  Wednesday will be laundry day, and that means the laundromat for washing.  Wednesday I will do any leftover cleaning that I didn't get done today or tomorrow.  Thursday, I start on the kitchen.  I can only do that in small segments, because of the sheer volume/size of the task.  I will start with the fridge (and freezer).  Friday I will have a lot of errands to run.  I postponed some appointments from two weeks ago when the vehicle needed repair, so they will be coming up this week.

The shawl will begin to move quickly now - I got a start on the second section.  I'm really looking forward to getting on with it :)  So, my hope/plan is to be finished at least the three repeats I've charted so far on the second section.  I can then decide how many more repeats to do of that one.

Watched Once Upon a Time last night.  The ending was more or less predictable, but not necessarily the way it happened.  And I'm guessing that is the last episode of the year.

Last night was the last Amazing Race, next Sunday is the final wind-up for Survivor - didn't realize it was that close already.  After that, don't know *what* we'll watch on Sundays!  Or Wednesdays, either, lol.  This is one of the worst times of year for TV.  Too many reruns, or none at all  - instead they put on more of those horrid "So You Think Anyone Else Gives a $#^%$% That You Think You Deserve Your 5 Minutes Of Fame".  Sure, I know, some of them really do have a talent, and in the beginning of these things, most never would have had a chance to be discovered if it weren't for the shows.  But now, instead of "unknowns" getting a chance, it seems the semi-professionals are involved... American Idol seems to have at least half of the top group who are in local "bar bands".  To me, that isn't fair - they have the ability to be seen by agents or talent scouts.  The show was supposed to give opportunity to those less likely to be found any other way.  And, I'm really getting sick of the obviously no-talent people who are just there to see if they can get on the TV show as the ones being made fun of.  I do also feel for the ones who are in between - the ones encouraged by Mom or Grandma that they should try out, but Mom and/or Grandma are obviously biased... They may not be horrible, but they definitely aren't "star quality".   Yes, I used to watch the show; mostly because it was on more than anything else.  But I really got bored with it quickly....

Anyway, I'm not looking forward to no TV watching in the evenings... But, on the other hand - it will be pleasant enough outside that I can spend quality time with the doggies instead.  And I can maybe knit outside like I did several times last summer.  :)  I mean, I got a lot done on that sweater, just sitting out there, watching the dogs play, soaking up the sun...

So, that is where I am for now :)


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