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Thursday, May 03, 2012


I didn`t realize I`d taken some pictures the other day, but didn`t get around to downloading or anything!

Hope I got them in the right order.  If I recall, it was around row 70 something that I kept messing up.  I could go look at my notes, but that is too much like work right now, lol.  But I took a picture anyway.  I`m trying to get a good shot that does the beads justice.  They are behaving in real life exactly like I want them to, but the pictures just don`t tell the same story!
I also cropped and turned the picture, in case it makes the beads show better.  (and I seem to have gotten the typing to be centered, instead of registering from left to right...)
This will be how the patterning and beads will  be oriented - wait, no they won`t... I was thinking this is how they will look when the shawl is worn, side to side, but the ends of the shawl usually end up hanging vertically...  Oh, well - doesn`t matter, it is another shot trying to show off the beads!

This is the most recent picture of how it looks now.  I pinned it out, but I only have 11 of the type of pins I`ve been using.  They are nice, long and strong, with good head for holding... BUT, that means I can`t always pin it out nicely.

When I`m finished the shawl, and blocking it out proper, this bottom edge piece will be made rounder.  It actually turned out to be knitted in a more rounded shape, but the pins kind of pulled it funny.  I`m just stretching and pinning for photo purposes - I expect that when it is done and wet, it will stretch out better, and when dry again will hold some of the shaping...
Like these top spikes, for example.  I really wanted thinner spikes, but they wouldn`t hold up, I know it... They would flop down and look like a fringe... But that is OK.  This will work - it is really a representation, anyway. :)

Any guesses?

So, for the TV stuff - I did look up Pan Am on the network website (and can`t even remember 24 hours later which one it was, lol - I *think* ABC).  There is nothing to say it will be gone - still in their list of programs, but nothing to say it will be back, either.  I haven`t looked up The River yet, nor have I done any more follow up on Terra Nova.  Just keep signing the petition (well, once is all, but sharing it) via Facebook.  Beginning to believe that nothing will come of it, which is a shame, because it really was a good show.  I`m fascinated by the whole time travel thing, and paradoxes, and all that.  I really enjoyed Michael Crichton`s Timeline book, and they did a good job of the movie of that one.  

Havent`watched last week`s episode of Grimm yet; may need to tonight... After the Big Bang Theory, of course!!! :)  

Still need to watch a bunch of movies; I`m keeping up with Star Trek Voyager, and Once Upon a Time.  Mostly keeping up with Grimm - was waiting in case DH wanted to watch with me.

Right now, I`m waiting on some laundry to dry.  I know, yesterday was laundry day.  But, if you were reading yesterday (go ahead, you can scroll down in a minute, I`m nearly done for today) I couldn`t finish washing my clothes, and wanted to wait until today to deal with the laundromat.  I was upset yesterday, but in the evening I kind of went into a sort of denial - I just stopped caring about what was going wrong, and enjoyed the sunshine and the dogs and the time with my husband.  Then, I cooked us bacon and eggs and toast for supper (hey, so what if some people think that is breakfast, it is nutritious and tastes good!) and watched Survivor.  Then, I finished transcribing the rest of the first chart, but didn`t actually do any knitting... That I will do tonight.  :)

Ok, go read yesterday`s post, if you haven`t already ;)


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