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Monday, April 30, 2012


I can handle most plumbing repairs.  Most of them are fairly easy, especially since the changes to PVC vs copper or other types of pipes.  Cheap parts, easy hack saw cutting, glue.  Vs solder, soldering iron/gun (I own both), flux, medium hack saw cutting, expensive (and getting more so) parts.

However, when it comes to clogged sewer lines, especially due to tree roots... well, now we're talking spending money and calling in a "specialist".

The cool part - we actually qualify for a senior discount... The sad realization - we actually qualify for a senior discount!

Otherwise, nothing much else to report.  My mind is kind of consumed by the annoying waiting game - the plumber will be here between 3 and 5, and there isn't much more I can do.  I managed to clear enough of the basement to make room for him to work (I hope!) and moved anything that would be ruined by water (I hope) so now it is just... waiting till he gets here, going through the same routine -no, we don't have a larger clean out pipe, yes, that is the one that has been used every time since we bought the house, yes, I know it would be better if it were bigger, yes, I know that "normal" houses have them located elsewhere, but this house doesn't, no, this isn't my first house so I know what a normal one looks like.... etc.  

Anyway - that is where I'm at today.  Hopefully, I have more positive things to post tomorrow.


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