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Friday, May 04, 2012

Started, finally....

and learned something.

First off, I didn't get too far on the shawl last night.  One of those evenings where DH wanted to chat during commercials of the shows we were watching, and it is the time of year, where, well... The sun stays out longer, and our living room window faces west.  I really hate to shut out the sun at any time of the day or evening.  So, I don't turn on the lights until I absolutely have to, because then I need to close the drapes.  BUT - setting sunlight isn't really adequate for seeing lace and beads, even if they are light enough colours.

This morning, I finally went wandering around the house with my digital camera.  Had to wait until the dogs were outside, because Lady is such a camera hog - she hears the little beeps it makes when I turn it on, and comes a runnin'.  Anyway, I got pictures of most angles of the main floor of the house, and inside cupboards, and I took some pics of the upstairs, the stairwell, and the basement stairwell.    I didn't do the basement, and I only did a part of the craft room....

Now, I don't promise to share any of the pictures.  I did share kitchen pictures before.  And I may share some of the before pictures I just took.  (oh, for those of you "new" to my blog, or who've forgotten, I'm doing a before and after picture thing as part of my organizing and cleaning of my house)  But, since some of them might reveal more than I'm comfortable with in terms of possessions, etc.  I am not sure I want to go totally public.  Besides, I confess I'm a little embarrassed about some of it...

What I learned was, that when you are actually physically in a space, it doesn't seem the same as when you have it "in your face" in a picture.  And the condition of the room is a gradual thing... Like, my living room.  I have one corner that I've been piling up my craft stuff, and I have some empty boxes for organizing things, and I have a "phone corner/office corner" spot where papers and such get put, and I have some things in that area that are supposed to be getting put away, or were put there temporarily while something else happened (like the canisters of flour etc. that normally live on my kitchen floor near the basement stairs, that needed to be moved for the plumber the other day).....  Now, besides this pile growing over time, when I am in the room, I know it is there, but it has volume, and character (for lack of a better word) and so on, and doesn't seem that bad.  But, when I saw it through the camera's "eyes", it suddenly looked like something I've seen on TV on those hoarder shows.... :(

Now, it really isn't just crap; it is simply unorganized stuff, that through laziness or lack of organizing skills, hasn't been put away properly.  And suddenly, I'm embarrassed by it.  And suddenly, I don't like it being there.  So, I'm spurred on to deal with it.  I only hope my body holds out!!

Like I said, I'm not going to promise pictures, but I will keep you posted on progress.


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