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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Need to force the positive...

And share a picture :)  I'm really really really happy with the transition from one pattern to the other.  I'm also thinking... I may play around a bit with the pattern...

Here's the picture:
And a little closer:

As for the positive - I need to stop complaining about how crappy everything is.  I need to focus on things like the beautiful weather we had yesterday, and are supposed to get today.  Shorts weather!! :)  Not sure if I'll go that far or not, though.

We're working on expanding our small garden space.  I found something on the net that we're going to try for planting potatoes.  A variation on a "living fence post".  So, the other garden won't have to support potatoes this year.  Which is good, because I'm hoping for some tomatoes...  We do plant tomatoes, but never seem to get a great crop of them - the ones that do grow do fine, just not prolific.  Like, maybe three tomatoes per plant... One year, we had more than enough tomatoes to freeze, and to make sauces, and....  I'm hoping for another year like that.  So, more plants will be needed...

One of the things we were talking about yesterday involved my husband not looking forward to the next step - digging.  Me, I love the digging - great way to get rid of excess anger and frustration.  Just what I need to do these days!  And, I look forward, as I said, to the harvest.  Unfortunately, I consider the rest of it "necessary evil".  I hate planting, I hate watering, I hate weeding, I hate tending.... I know, all those "hate" words, and I want to be positive.  But, really, I only do those things because someone has to do them, and it is only fair that if I want the product of the garden, I should be willing to partake in the labour.  So I do it.  But if science ever invents "instant garden", I'll be there!!! ;)

So, this weekend will be very busy - our city encourages people to do a sort of "freecycle" thing city wide for one weekend in the spring, and one in the fall.  Anything you want to get rid of, that is in good condition, you put out on the boulevard in front of your house, with a "free" sign on it.  And then, you can drive around the city, looking for other neat junk to pick up.  Anything not gone by the Sunday night, though, you are supposed to put back in your yard/garage/house/whatever, or dispose of it appropriately.  There are some that don't follow that rule, but mostly everyone cleans up after.  Invariably, I get a phone call from my son - we have a pick-up truck...   Plus, this weekend is the one they are going to be selling composters and rain barrels.  I have three composters already, so I think I'm good for that.  And we did build the other rain barrel a couple weeks ago - and it was cheaper to build than buy, even at the "special rates" the city offers.  So, we won't be partaking.

And, I just found out that Saturday (usually they do it on Sundays) our museum/planetarium is offering their free admission day.  Wish I could afford the time to go - I haven't been in years.  I used to "haunt" the place...

And this weekend is Mother's Day.  I just found out with all the gardening that the rose bush I got last year didn't make it through the winter.  :(  I tried so hard...

I have a lot of other stuff going on, too, though mostly tomorrow... and Monday is the day to take the dogs to the vet.

Today, I need to get my butt down to the basement, move stuff around (again!) so I can get a repair guy in to do the washing machine.  I just moved stuff so the sewer guy could come in, now I have to move it all back and a little more moving besides!  Oh, well - I'll get to the fridge another day.


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