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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Big mistake but doing it anyway.

Beating myself up.  I have failed so far at doing anything I planned this week.  Life things just keep coming up that change any plans I make.  I'm very much sick of that.  I mean, I know, I have no control over it, but it still makes me mad.  If I don't plan anything, nothing else happens, but I end up not being able to think straight and figure out what I should do, because I have nothing in mind.  So, I get mad at myself for letting it get to me.  And I was so pissed off last night, I couldn't settle to concentrate on knitting...

This section has the yarn overs separated from the decreases they are paired with - so, the "instinct" to wrap yarn around needle right after working one needs to be curbed... Not in every row, but still... The end result will be worth it, so I don't mind doing the extra work, and it is still faster than the beaded section.

I need to work out, though, how I'm going to handle the next section, too - the row repeats need to work with the row repeats on the top edging, so there will be a natural "center".  Since the number of rows don't match, I need to figure out when to start the repeat, so I don't have to make a fifty foot long shawl ;)  I need the lowest common denominator.  (early arithmetic, back in the days of learning fractions, which I struggled with in third and fourth grade, but now use almost daily, not just in knitting, but in cooking, shopping - lots of places to use the basics of fractions/ratios/percentages)

Well, I think the dogs have been outside long enough - and I don't want to delay the trip to the laundromat any longer.... (had to wait for it to open, and sure enough, right on cue, the dogs had to go outside....)  So, I'm off for a while.


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