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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beautiful day, and BBT

Yesterday was crazy, but we spent most of the evening outside, and got our garden patch ready to go.  I mentioned we decided to expand it, and we were wondering about the additional dirt we'd need.  (hm, dirt vs soil - interesting how different words have different connotations about the same thing).  Anyway, because we'd had somewhat raised beds in the past, to be sure to have room for potatoes, turned out there was more than enough dirt/compost/soil to go around!  Then we talked about keeping the dogs out of the garden... and came up with a plan that might work.  In the past, we've wrapped the whole thing in chicken wire, which works for the dogs, but makes it awkward for the humans. This year, the dogs are older, and I came up with a suggestion, and hopefully it will work.... I'll try to take pictures soon.

Otherwise, today is going to be beautiful again, so we will try to spend more time working out doors.  We need to put the cover back on the gazebo, and we will be putting the patio blocks we took out for the garden down in the gazebo.  Won't cover the whole "floor", but should give a nice base.  Since the gazebo shelters the ground, and the grass in that area will die off, and since I like to save money whenever possible, and since gravel costs money, I thought it might be a good idea to "pave" the "floor".  And there is a corner of the yard that I want to clean up some.  We have a fire pit, and last year between wind, dogs, life, we didn't use it much. We have a wood pile that really needs some cleaning - we did stack stuff proper, but weeds grow through it, some branches for kindling kind of got a bit out of hand, a few other odds and ends of "mess" between wind, animals, and neighbours "borrowing" from our woodpile (we dont' know who, we just know the pile is smaller and since we didn't use it....)

Anyway - it is time for a  clearing out.  Bushes needing trims that I couldn't reach because of the woodpile, etc.

And, the grass probably all needs a cutting already, which means picking up the dog toys and bones and everything...

So, today, being so gorgeous out, I want to spend it outside!  (not that long ago, I wasn't an outdoor person!)

I almost forgot, too, yesterday to comment on my reaction to the last seconds of The Big Bang Theory the other day.  I think it was either "Oh, My God!"  or "Holy Sh*t!"  I think it was an even bigger shocker than last year's offering of Penny and Raj ending up in bed...

I can hardly wait for next season....

Oh, and I found out recently that for sure, one of my other faves of the new shows is definitely coming back for another season!!  Yay.  Still keeping fingers crossed on some of the others making a miraculous return.... (Hoping for Terra Nova, Pan Am, Criminal Minds Suspect Behaviour)  Haven't heard yet about Grimm, but definitely want that one back, too.  Most of the other shows I watch have been around long enough for me to feel comfortable that they will be back.  Or at least, they will not suddenly disappear, but will offer some form of "ending" or closure if they do go.


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