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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Knit a bunch last night and sharing a simple recipe.

And watched a couple recordings of Voyager.  I did keep getting interrupted by one of the kitties.  Ashleigh is not the type to like to be picked up and cuddled, but every so often, she decides to be affectionate on her terms - she'll come purring and kneading and rolling around on my lap - and she'll accept a lot of petting and stroking and scritching - but don't hug!!  Sometimes, she'll just keep up the rubbing and rolling for about 15 minutes to half an hour, other times, she'll suddenly decide to lick/wash my hand/arm.  And at still other times, she'll actually fall asleep for up to an hour.

Because these events don't happen often enough for a catlover's liking, I tend to let her stay as long as she wants, and work around her.  Trying not to disturb her.  Last night was one where she only stayed for five or ten minutes, then left for fifteen or so, then back for another short session - lather rinse repeat.  ;)

Yesterday, not much else happened, since it was raining all day.

This morning, I brought the seedlings out to get some sunshine (beautiful day today) and the poor little guy that I tried to rescue survived!!  I was so happy to see that.  He's a little sickly looking, but recovering.  I  know I'm going to keep track of him when we put them in the garden, and favour him and watch him all summer.  I know, it is "only" a plant, but get emotionally attached to things rather easily.  Which is why I'm such a pack rat...

Yesterday's highlight, though - by request I made one of my favourite dishes.  Chicken Mushroom Bake.  mmmmm..... :)

Easy to make - whole pieces of chicken (should be boneless, as it cooks up really tender, and sometimes, the bones get nice and soft, too)  - I used chicken breasts that I got on sale, cut them off the bone, saving the scraps for the next batch of stock.

Brown all sides of chicken in frying pan of butter and chopped garlic.

Mix together:  can of mushroom soup, 500 ml tub of sour cream, (sorry, been so long I don't know what the non metric equivalent is - talking the smaller size tub) and I like to also add a can of mushrooms.  What I do is drain the canned mushrooms, but keep the liquid.  I then chop up the mushrooms so they are smaller.  Then, while mixing the soup, sour cream, and extra mushrooms, I'll stir in some of the mushroom liquid to make it a bit more runny.

Place the browned chicken in a baking dish, (I scrape the butter/garlic bits in, too), pour sauce over, lift the meat gently so the sauce gets under it, too (I guess you could pour some sauce, then put in meat, then more sauce), bake at 350F for an hour.

Easy :)  And so good!!

One of the rare times that I still used pre-prepared ingredients - Until I get a chance to make more home made mushroom soups, I do confess to still using store bought mushroom soups and tomato soups for cooking with.  Not to eat straight from a bowl -  has to  be home made for that.  But to cook with.


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