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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doggy Doctor

Well, there really isn't a lot to say - the dogs were super well behaved.  They got into the kennel with no trouble.  They were a little excited about getting to go somewhere.  And they wanted to visit the office cat and talk to all the humans in the waiting room.  But for the most part, they behaved themselves.

They were really good while they were being checked by the vet.  And no fuss when they got their needles.

It would have been nice if they didn't shed so much while they were there, lol... The joys of coat blowing combined with minor stress shedding....

Health wise - again, their weight is almost the same.  Well, they put on a bit since last year, but they are still growing.  But they weigh the same as each other.  Or, within two pounds of each other.  Last year, they were exactly the same weight.  BUT - more importantly, they are in the very healthy range.  The vet did mention that Delko's ribs were a little easier to feel, but nothing to worry about.  I'm glad, because he does eat!  He's just super active.  Trying to get him to play less or eat more would be next to impossible!

Everything else - perfect health.  :)  No issues at all.

I haven't knit on the shawl for a few days.  Well, I did do two rows last night - and at one point had dropped a stitch.  Took me three tries of recounting to find it.  Fixed it just fine; just had trouble finding it.  I'll get back into the knitting soon.  I just have a sort of "knitter's block" like a "writer's block".  I know where I'm going, what I'm doing, I just don't want to pick up the needles... Sometimes, I'll fight it by working on another project, or crochet for a while, or read a novel.  But because I want to finish this shawl in a timely manner, I'm not doing other things... I'm kind of forcing myself to continue.  But, I don't want to over do the forcing, or I'll go into shutdown instead of temporary break on it.

So, I'll try to get back to is tonight or tomorrow.  Now that there isn't  much to watch on TV, I'll be able to give the fiddly bits my full attention :)

Will let everyone know tomorrow how it goes! :)


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