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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Holidays Days

So, I mentioned my husband gets what are called "summer hours".  Basically, the company he works for came up with the idea that if people work an extra forty five minutes each day, then they can take a paid day off each pay period. Now, to avoid confusion and chaos, it isn't quite that simple -- The employee pool is divided into four teams.  Two teams get alternate Fridays off, the other two get alternate Mondays off.   So, there is always at least someone if not a few people in each department still there every day.  And, everyone gets lots of long weekends throughout the summer period.

Also, the teams are set up so that everyone has an equal opportunity for the extra long weekends that would occur around the long weekends that normally happen.  Most years, this might mean getting two Mondays (or Fridays) off in a row, and having to work two in a row at some point, so the weeks work out evenly.  This year, it just happens that there is no need to double up - the weeks worked out so that each team gets two four day weekends.

There are, for us anyway, normally four long weekends throughout the summer months.  Beginning with the May long weekend, celebrating Victoria Day.  Then, the July 1st or Canada Day weekend - this is one that really doesn't always fall on a weekend, or near enough to one.  But a lot of businesses will work around it, and  have employees work that day but take another off in its place...  The beginning of August gives us a "Civic Holiday" on the first Monday.  And in September we have Labour Day.

Now, this morning, while checking the website of the TV station that we usually watch the news on, I discovered that apparently, throughout the entire calendar year, we have 9 statutory holidays, which is apparently fewer than any other first-world country.  And apparently, this is supposed to be a bad thing.  I've blogged before about how I've felt about the decision to add a holiday in February - the shortest month.  And I know I've been accused before of not being able to relate because I don't work full time.  But, I have worked full time, and I still think it is just another excuse for people to not work and get paid.

I have just run into too many people who want/expect/demand more pay for less work.

A lot of the comments following the story, too, were talking about Sunday and holiday shopping as well - that people are being asked to work on those days.  Well - only in some sectors, and in some cases, the jobs are held by part time workers who appreciate the extra income and extra job experience - aka students.  One of the complaints was that people "used to" be able to do all their shopping etc. without needing to do it on Sundays.  Well, the thing is, that is in the days when most families were "traditional nuclear families"  - two parents, only one of whom worked outside the home.  So, there was time during the week and on Saturdays to do the errands and shopping.  Nowadays, though, there are more single parent families, both partners working full time, perhaps even with part time jobs to make ends meet, and if there are children involved in activities - well, there just isn't time during the week.  And not all stores are open late into the evenings.  So, Sunday shopping is a necessity for some.  Not a luxury.

I have time to do all that, being not employed outside the home, but I still support Sunday shopping.  Ever since I learned there were some people for whom Sunday is not the Sabbath day.  I always thought it unfair that they had to bow to Christian ideals, especially in a country that claims "freedom of religion".  I think we should make an effort to not just rephrase that, but to live the idea of "freedom FROM religion" as well....

Ok.  I think I've done my rant for now.  Only managed to do four rows of knitting yesterday... :(   While watching NCIS and NCISLA.  Will try to do better tonight...


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