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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well, I guess I better do a picture.

I haven't edited most of the pictures of my craft projects of the last few months.

But, I have a couple of pictures of the doggies taken on Christmas Eve.  So, I better share them :)

The top one, is Delko, sitting on my chair wearing one of those "martian antenna" headband things.  I bought several of them a few years ago - they are sparkly, and the ones he's wearing have pom pom reindeer on them.  (I bought them for me to wear, but since I didn't do any decorating for Christmas this year, the antlers and Santa hat were still packed away).   I'm only holding on to him because that is a rocking type chair, and he gets nervous on it.

The second picture of Lady, wearing pom pom teddies, required the steadying hand because she is the opposite of D - she loves to steal that chair, and curl up in it for naps.  :)  So, I had to hold her up to get the shot!

Well, that's today's post.  I cheated a little - sharing pictures so I don't have to think what to write ;)


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