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Saturday, January 05, 2013

weekend post - fixed my sink!

 I want to stay in the habit of posting/writing.  So, I'm going to try to every day again.  Like I tried last year.  BUT - weekends are likely to be short posts.  Because of privacy in the home (I know, my blog is out there public, but sometimes I don't like having to explain everything while I'm trying to do something...) and because there are many other things to accomplish, I won't be able to write much.

Today was - a good day.  I started, late last week, to clean out under my sink due to some mouse issues... discovered a plumbing issue.  Finally, today, we got it all fixed.  Though, what seemed like a "simple" five dollar part, turned into a second trip to the hardware store for another - wait for it - ten dollars worth of parts.  (sometimes, I wonder why it costs so much for a plumber - no need to tell me, I do know, having worked in construction, besides, I did mention this took a week.  If I'd called and paid a plumber, it would have been done lots faster...)

Anyway - nice to know that I am (still) capable of doing minor home repairs.  And great that just in case I don't, that the people who work at Home Depot here are more than willing to help, to show you what to do, to explain everything and walk you through the whole process.  :)  Unlike the other big box hardware store...

(see, I told you I didn't mind doing a bit of "free advertising" for somewhere I like :)

Ok.  That's it for now.  Now to spend some time putting everything back in my cupboards!!


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