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Monday, September 03, 2012

Knitting up a storm.

So, I got the ribbing done on Aidez.  I'm updating my Ravelry page with it, too, since I'm part of that KAL on Ravelry.  But, since not everyone is on Rav, I'm sharing here, too. :)
This picture shows how I'm doing the front side pieces as well as the back, like I did with the sweater from last summer.  I really don't like sewing all the pieces at the end, so I'm going to join as I go again.  I'll start seaming after I establish some more of the body.

I did some more painting.  Yesterday, I did a tree with fall colours.  I'm starting to think I'm way out of practice on painting, and that it looks rather "juvenile".  But, honestly, when you are working with cheap brushes, paint, and paper, sometimes you just can't really get quality... For example, I have two blues, but only one green... I did try a bit of mixing of colours.  I remember going through those classes at University, and it is amazing what you can do with tempera paints in only black, white, red, blue and yellow.  I've applied a lot of that learning to the dyeing of wool.  But cheap acrylic dollar store paints don't mix as well...

So, today, I mostly tried some experimenting with water colour washing.  You start by wetting down the whole paper with plain clear water, then add the paint.  I didn't plan to do a landscape, but that is what happened... but when I was done, I think it looks more like a sea scape... And I think I should have let it partly dry before I tried to add birds to the sky, or maybe tried drawing them on after with an ink pen (just a regular pen with black ink).

Tomorrow, I think I'll try some form of still like, and/or maybe (though I've got 27 more days to play) sketching something in pencil, then filling in with paint, and/or adding features to a background with pen or pencil.... I recall that some of the things Trish did with hers was not really painting a specific object/subject, but just doing some random designs/patterns.  I need to remember that those are valid things to paint, too.  I don't always need a "model" or a "theme" or an object.... Abstract is good.

Anyway, here's the pictures...

Hm.  Seems that this new interface or whatever it is called for blogger is taking some getting used to.  In some ways, it is better than the old way, in others, it is confusing!!  
I'm now typing centered text, when all I wanted to try to do was to get the pictures to show up side by side...

Anyway, I hope to start talking about some other things soon.  Like how crappy my summer has been, as well as the few good highlights through out.  And maybe start talking about the new TV season.  I know, I was only ever really talking about some TV shows before, but since I've started a trend....  One of the shows I like started the new season mid-August.  Very early... but since some of the shows last year started late, or started then took a break, I guess the "normal" rules are now totally out the window.  Grimm has now gotten three new shows off to a second season... though, even those are confusing.  They seem to be offered on three different nights/times, and I keep looking at each one trying to figure out whether I've seen it or not.  I'm not too happy with the direction it is going at the moment, though... 

Next up is Once Upon a Time.  For a couple weeks now, they've been showing selected episodes, working up to the new season.  I missed the final of last season, and don't want to risk missing it again - especially as the way it is going right now - the "guide" on the TV says it is on at 8pm on Friday on one channel, but at 7 on another... my DVR is set to record the first channel (8 pm) BUT - the guide is wrong, and it is actually shown at 7, and the show that is slated to be on at 7 comes on at 8 and gets recorded... No big deal, as they are episodes I don't feel the need to rewatch, but scarey at the possibilities... HOWEVER!  My local library purchased the DVD of all of season 1, and I think I just might get a chance to borrow it before the new season starts :)

The Walking Dead is another series I'm looking forward to.  Along with the regulars - Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, NCIS and NCIS LA, Hawaii 5-0, though I really only watch that one as background - good knitting show.  Along with Blue Bloods.  I pay enough attention to keep track of the running storyline about the various characters, but not much more than that...

And Survivor!  I'm not sure if there will be a lot to get excited about yet, but we'll see.... I've always said that I felt sorry for the contestants who got medevac'ed out, that I would like to see them get another chance, and here we are with three of them coming back for another chance! :)  Haven't decided who I'm rooting for, or who will be the one to hate.... 

So, that's the post for now. 


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