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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still Saturday, the 26th, still counts :)

Even if it is very late, and I'm pretty tired...

Today, we headed out to the seed store.  Bought some seed potatoes, some tomato starter plants (to supplement the ones we tried to plant) and picked up a couple other plants... I saw tomatillos, and figured, why not try them, so got two, and two okra plants.  I love okra.  And we grabbed some bean seeds.

We're still getting frost warnings, so we're going to wait a week to plant the seedlings.  But we built a potato tower today, and planted a few beans.  I first saw potato towers on Pinterest, and that led me to a blog with a tutorial.  Using materials on hand, we did the best we could.  It isn't super pretty, but we're hoping it will work.

Then, after doing several days' worth of dishes, I made Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches for supper.  First time trying it, and they turned out really good...

So, I will definitely have to download a bunch of the pictures I've been taking of the gardening stuff.  And I'll post them here. :)  Hubby wants me to send him pictures of the tower to show at work, so I really better get the pics downloaded. :)

Ok, so I'll write more tomorrow!


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