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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wake up call

First off, I didn't share any pictures because I seem to have temporarily misplaced my cord.  The one that joins the camera to the computer.  Just had a thought, I'm supposed to be able to insert the card from the camera right into a slot on the laptop... hm, maybe something to try later.

For now, though, I think I need to start remembering to clear off space on the machine.  And protect certain files...

If I lose some of the free patterns I've been saving, well, I can always find them again.  But, the pictures and my original files are another story - if they are gone, they're lost forever.  So, I need to stop forgetting or putting off the task of burning them onto disks.

Had a bit of a scare earlier today.  The laptop turned itself off.  Had to run the repair files... Works fine, didn't loose anything except a game.  It was a good game, though, and one I can't replace easily.  There is a website, that has free give aways. as a matter of fact.  (I didn't make it clickable, sorry).  They offer some sort of computer program free every day.  Some are worth having, others not so much.  On weekends, though, they also have a sister site, and sometimes, there are some cool games.

The catch- they are only free for 24 hours.

So, I downloaded one this past weekend... and now it is gone... :(

Oh, well, sometimes they repeat.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, I will definitely make sure to start burning pictures and critical files.  Might even delete some of them.  Before backing them up even! ;)

And I should be able to find my cord soon - I pretty much know where it is, just that it got some library books and a few newspapers and flyers put on top this weekend, so I need to clean up that bit of a pile.


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