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Friday, May 25, 2012

Shopping today

So, I was talking about the types of stores we have...

One of the major chains, I used to shop at all the time.  They were good.  BUT - in more recent years, they`ve gotten crazy with their pricing.  For example, we have a Steak Restaurant here.  Not sure if it is international; it might be... Anyway, seems they are now selling a steak spice under their name.  I was in the chain store for something else (now and again, I must go there for some items that aren`t carried anywhere else).  Saw the steak spice, and it was expensive.  Well, I hadn`t seen it anywhere else, and figured I`d try it, and maybe splurge now and again.  A small container (fits nice in the hand size) for $14.99.  Yes, that is ridiculous, I know...

Today, I was picking up some stuff at Wal Mart - we now have one they call ``Super``, that has a good grocery selection.  Guess what I saw in the spice aisle?  For $4.97??  Guess what I bought two of?

I was at my regular chain grocery store, and I was humming and hawwing about buying some Provalone cheese.  Last few days, DH and I were talking about Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.  Well, I`m trying to hold to a bit of a budget, and we can use cheddar or maybe mozzerella... not that 6.97 was bad or anything, for the size and how long it will last, etc.  Anyway, I passed... Wal Mart, same brand, same size, package of Provalone - $5.47....  Guess what kind of cheese we`ll be using for our Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches tonight?

And here`s a really strange one - it was cheaper to buy a pound of butter than a one pound tub of margarine (oleo for my US readers).

Today was  a good day for shopping, even if I didn`t get a few of the things on my list because they were out.  And even if I did forget to throw the little gas can and the propane tank in the truck for the lawnmower and bbq respectively...

Tomorrow is another day, and we`ll be out picking up some seed potatoes and tomato plants anyway (yes, we started seeds, but we have such bad luck with them, that we want to play it safe), so we can do the gas things then.


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