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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oops, I did it again

And I'm not even a Brittany Spears fan.  Well, not really.  Some of her stuff is good.

But yesterday, garbage day moved.  So, I spent the morning opening and closing the door for the dogs. It was also laundry day.  So, I had to pack up the stuff and be ready for going to the laundromat.  Which I couldn't do until the blue box guys came by.  Remember, their days are numbered, so I want to make sure the dogs get every chance to "greet" them.  (I don't worry about the type of greeting - it is hard to convince the dogs that it is OK for the guys to be taking our blue box and the stuff in it, lol - but since the guys smile and wave at the dogs, I don't think they are bothered by the barking).

Then, of course, there was the time spent away from home.  While waiting for the wash to be done, I walked over to the library, got the book I had on hold, and checked out a couple other things.  Didn't stay long, because I recalled that I was also going to run into the smaller grocery store and grab some bread.  We have three basic classes of food stores.  Major chain grocery stores - these are large, with a lot of selection, and generally great prices enhanced by weekly specials.  Some of them also carry other goods- the one I frequent also sells housewares, and an interesting collection of clothing items - I got my basic work wardrobe from them.   Then there are smaller grocery stores.  These are often affiliated with the chain stores, but may be independently owned or franchised.  They don't have as great a selection as the big stores, but do have a wide range of goods.  So, you can do your weekly shopping there, and probably eat quite well. Except, you really need to depend on their weekly specials, because that will bring the prices inline with the major stores.  Yes, these little stores are a bit more pricey.  I really only buy from this store when it is just a bit more convenient than driving to the big store for one or two items - bread for example.  I also buy a Saturday newspaper and our weekly lottery tickets from this store.  They also happen to have a ticketmaster outlet, and I was able to buy the tickets for my grand daughter and I to go see CATS there.  They also developed what they call a "dollar wall" - a mini dollar store.  I looked at the pet section, thinking I'd treat the dogs like I sometimes do when I have a lot of errands needing doing.  Guilt gifts, perhaps... BUT - since all of the "edible" products were made in China, I passed.  Too many current recalls for my liking...  Finally, there are convenience stores - two major chains that I can recall at this moment, and they are way super high on the price.  They have a very small selection of goods - literally emergency needs.  A couple types of canned soups, bread and milk, lots of snack foods like chips and drinks.  Basically, not where you would shop - I've had ocassion throughout my life to attempt to buy things from one of these stores, and generally - can never find what I needed.  Really, only when my son was young, and we'd sometimes splurge on the fountain type drinks and snacks... and the odd time, when I was desperate and couldn't wait for milk.  Rarely bothered to buy bread there - usually at least three times the price.

Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday, I went to the middle size store, bought the bread, and while perusing the pet and dollar section, saw some neat sparkly bobby pins.  I don't really need them for my hair (I have plain ones for that) but took a pack of the sparkly ones to use for stitch marking ;)

Anyway, by the time I was done everything, I didn't get back onto the computer, so I sort of forgot I hadn't blogged yesterday. :(

DH is home sick today - he really hurt his back at work yesterday.  And I haven't dug out the camera cord yet... though I did spend some time yesterday clearing the "dumping area" that I believe it to be under...


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