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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to ....

So it is back to school time.  I struggle with myself at the store these days, and the worst is yet to come!

I am long since past attending school.  I suppose I could theoretically go back for a master's degree, but I'm not likely to bother.  And while I may at some point be involved or asked to help with the grandkids, I really don't have anyone to buy school supplies for.  BUT - I love this time of year....

For some, renewal comes at New Year's - a fresh new calendar, fresh start to the year, etc.  For others, it is spring - rebirth, the awakening of plant life, starting gardens, cleaning and airing homes...   For me, back to school time is the time of renewal and fresh starts.  Nothing like walking into the classroom for the first time - you can sit in (just about) any seat you want.  New books, new teachers, new friends, new supplies.  The promise of things to come, of things to learn, to do, to create all contained in a brand-new notebook!!  That one is my absolute favourite, and the most dangerous!  I probably have a lifetime supply of notebooks. And loose leaf paper, and copy paper.  Yet, every year, I'm drawn to the selection at the store.  Packages of pens and pencils, crayons and coloured pencils, paints and glue and scissors, rulers and geometry sets - but most of all the notebooks and binders.

All these fresh new toys, with their potential, their promise - and in a couple of weeks, they'll even come on sale!!!!

*sigh*.  I need to remind myself, that I really don't need any more notebooks.  I don't need more pens and pencils.  I have enough erasers.  And so on....

But I still have the old urges, to get a fresh start on lots of things.  Time to restart the long winter projects, the knitting, the quilting, the crocheting, cuddled under an afghan while watching TV because it is just way too cold to go outside... Comfort foods, like home made soups and stews.  Home baking, home made bread.  Warm wool socks.  Oh, and about the TV - this is when the new seasons of past favourite shows start, and new series appear.

Don't get me wrong, I hate winter - snow and grey clouds and cold.  I love the blue skies summer heat.  At least, the physical part of me is like that.  But the mental, the emotional part - I love the "nesting" part of it all.  And the learning and creating - in summer, sure, I can learn and create, as well as in the spring.  But when winter hits, there really is nothing else to do but to buckle down and stay inside, and occupy the mind and the soul.

Ok, this probably isn't one of my better organized posts, but I still like this time of year for the fresh start!! :)


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