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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shooting myself in the foot.

I really don't want to keep going to the laundromat.  I need to get my washing machine fixed.  I have a partial basement - not much room to move down there.  Low ceiling.  I'm short, and I've managed to bang my head on occasion.  So, I need to get my butt down there, and try to move the stored junk far enough to give a repair guy room to work.

So, what am I doing?  Sitting here, writing on my blog, and checking emails.

Need to stop shooting myself in the foot and wasting time and get down to the basement to clear it up.  I did some a few weeks ago, and made great progress, but for some reason, just went and stalled there.  Now, I just don't have the enthusiasm to keep going...

I gotta try to remember that I've accomplished a lot lately - some of it with help - and just keep going... Instead of giving up and getting frustrated at all the half-done jobs.  I mean, I actually finished some of the half done projects lately.  So, there are fewer of them.  And I'll be very happy when the rest are done.  So, I know I should get going.

Think I will :)   I'll share the rest of the pictures I took later this week, after I get the basement cleared out a bit more.


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