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Monday, May 28, 2012

Better late than never...

I had company this afternoon, so I didn't get a chance to post.  I thought she was coming this morning, so I spent some time tidying up.  One of those friends you really don't need to tidy for, but I did anyway.

I guess I didn't post yesterday, though :(  Oh, well.

It has been raining here for two days - not pleasant at all.  Grey, cloudy, miserable, cold and wet.  And muddy foot prints everywhere!

Well, I have a bunch of pictures, but will just show a couple for now - I have a cat making typing difficult right now.
This is how the garden looked a couple weeks ago, when we were roughing out how big it was, how much dirt it needed, how it would be fenced in...  Then, we finally got around to finishing it.
As of right now, there are two rows of bean seeds right up against the garage wall end, and we will be putting in the tomato seedlings starting from the left hand side end.  Probably put in more beans once we know how much room we'll have left.  I know what everyone says about spacing plants, but there are plenty of small garden spaces that work, too.  If you water well, and feed nutrients, you can squeeze a lot into small spaces :)  

Behind the garden, you can kind of see one batch of chives, and one batch of rhubarb.  We have a second group of chives in another spot, and three other rhubarb mini-patches.  My lilac bushes are also along this side of the yard.  And, in the corner behind the chives, is the burlap bag over a tomato cage that I'd used to try to protect that rose bush I got for mother's day last year.  It didn't come back.  I'm hoping, though, that maybe just maybe the roots survived, and it may come back...

So, that is the start of my pictures of garden for this year.  I do have more, but like I said, I also have a cat on my arms, and typing isn't so easy.  She's cutting off the circulation on one arm again, and my fingers are getting tingly.... :P


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