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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Made my decision on the paintings

So.  I have a "sketchbook" with 30 pages.  The book is spiral bound.  The front of it says that each page is 12 X 9 inches.  I measured - the spiral binding eats into the 12 inch length of the paper.  So, I'm not going to get 12 perfectly matching 3 X 3 inch squares from each page.

What I decided to do instead, is to take a page, cut it as close to the binding as possible, then cut it in quarters.  Simply fold it in half, then in half again, and cut on the fold lines. This will give me four rectangles to paint on.  Because I'm going to do the painting a day thing for 30 days, I will use 14 pieces of paper to make 28 small rectangles.  For the remaining two, I'm going to use one more sheet, and cut it just in half once - so that there will be two days that I can be inspired to paint something a little larger.

And I'll only have used half the booklet.  Then, if I find that I'm enjoying the painting, I can always make more later. :)

I've also remembered some things.  First off, that I did do some painting in the intervening years - When I was attending University for my degree, I took an art class, that had us doing several techniques.  Among them was painting - and I recall that I learned a lot about self esteem regarding my abilities from that class.  Funny how I recall one major lesson when I'm offering help to others, but forgot where/how I learned it...

See, a lot of people worry about minor errors or perceived flaws in their knitting or crochet.  I remind them that when they are working on the project, they are generally holding it up close to their face/eyes, and really seeing each individual stitch.   And that if they put the item on the back of their couch, and step away from it and look at it as others will, they find that the flaw disappears.  Sort of like not being able to see the forest for all the trees.

Yet I forgot the part where I learned about that during the art class.  We were working on some paintings.  Of course, up close and personal with them.  At the end of class, we attached them to the wall, and all stepped back to observe and share with the class.... and my pictures were down right good!!  Maybe not art gallery material, but a lot better than I would have believed, looking at them on the work table while painting, and in some cases, the ones I thought I'd done terrible at were among the best of the lot!

So.  I do still have some talent.  And I should be able to derive some pleasure from this little project.  And I obviously still need to do some healing anyway, if that was closer to the front of my mind than the art class...


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