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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Lack of progress

I couldn't concentrate well last night, so I didn't get much done on Aidez.  I did the knit row, and the first row of the cable patterns.  I need to do something different, until I get the patterns established, for seeing what it what.  I have a few files, with the directions for the sweater, and for each type of cable pattern, and for the abbreviations used -- I found it difficult to keep flipping back and forth, trying to keep track of each one.... This is just "start up" frustration - once I get a rhythm going and familiarize myself with what is being asked, I'll be fine.  In the  meantime.... Yuck.

I also haven't done my painting yet today - I will soon.  I know what I want to do, though, so it is just a matter of doing it.

I have done a lot today, though.  I worked on some dishes, before I even had my morning tea!!  Swept the main floor, washed part of the bathroom (the tub didn't look like it truly needed a washing), tidied some stuff in the livingroom, and I plan to tidy some more.  I've let the flyers/advertising supplements/newspapers get a bit piled... I save the newspapers to take over to one of the animal shelters, but the flyers should go into the blue box... Just need to do it.  I will - soon as I'm done here ;)  Then I'll paint, then do some more tidying.  I also worked on another project, one that I am in no rush to do, but it still needs doing.

Speaking of the blue box - back in June we got our new big wheeled bin for recycling - but we aren't allowed to use it until October!!  So, we're using the time to work out a newer system.  Instead of all stuff going straight to the basement where we store the current box (right at the bottom of the stairs, where we would toss stuff - if it were upstairs, the dogs would keep emptying it for us) we've set up a smaller blue plastic bin in the kitchen, and we empty it every couple days or so.  This change caused me to have a meltdown about two (or was it three?) weeks ago.

This house is getting to me.... a recurring theme in my posts how much I hate many aspects of the house.  Well, back in the spring, we had to have the sewer line cleared.  The annoying trees in the front send their roots down every so often, especially in the spring when they start their fresh growth.  Well, the guy didn't spend a lot of time here; he was saying how ours was the last call of the evening, then he was back to days, which he preferred.... So, a few weeks back (it was a Monday) I was having a good day - several things were going well for a change, and I was in a good mood.... So, when I went to go to the basement to empty the bucket, I discovered that the sewer was again plugged.... and there was some water in the hole, as well as evidence on the floor that it had been happening for a couple of days.... I was not impressed, in fact, I broke down completely into a puddle of tears.....

All of this had happened just after getting our vehicle fixed yet again, after it not working for a couple of weeks... which had been an on-again-off-again problem since early in the spring.  So I fell apart....

We did get another guy in, same company, but a different guy.  He did a much better job, and in fact, confided that the other (young) guy was probably going to be fired, because there was a pattern forming, and he is often complained about for not doing an adequate job.

I also am glad that I blog about stuff.... I was unable to figure out where the heck I'd put the receipt from the last time (improperly filed) to figure out when the sewer was last done.  BUT, a quick search of the blog - when I posted about Delko being very protective, and nearly coming through my kitchen window.  This time, the new guy who came was much more respectful of my cautions about the dog.  Who, it just so happens, still tried to come through the kitchen window, even though DH was trying to keep him calm outside.... Finally gave up and dragged him into the garage, but he still tried to get out and "save" me.  Gave the house a full inspection again after the guy left, too.

So, no pictures today, but tomorrow I'll try to do some more. :)


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