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Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep forgetting

To take pictures of my paintings.

I'm also finding it difficult to find a few moments to create them.  Yesterday's was one I am sort of disappointed in.... It seemed like a good idea when I conceived of it, but in execution, it turned out - very juvenile...

I have found (or did I say this already? Sometimes I plan a post in my head, then never get it down on paper/typed here) that if I compose the picture strictly with paint and brush, that it tends toward landscape type things.  If I want to create an object, I sketch it first.

Oh, and I've done a couple experiments with using a black ink pen instead of black paint to highlight or add to the painting.... sort of a "mixed media" approach.

I'll take pictures soon... promise.

What I did snap a quick shot of was the sweater I'm working on.
I took this picture last night, just before my knitting session.  Hard to see, I know, because of the poorer evening lighting, and the dark colour of yarn.   So, I did try to lighten it up a bit with editing...
Not sure if it really helped much... but I tried.  You can see in this shot, sort of, if you look close and kind of use your imagination a little (in real life it is there, and maybe in a future shot you can see it better) there is a U shaped seed-stitch filled cable - called "seed stitch wishbone" in the pattern.  I now have two of them - to give an idea how much more I knit last night.  I didn't knit any the night before last - just couldn't get into it for some reason.  But I really made progress last night, getting into the flow of things, getting enough done to read the knit to see where I'm up to, so I spend less time staring at a screen or piece of paper....

Otherwise, not much exciting has been happening.  Hopefully, that will change soon.  And I'll get those painting pictures taken and uploaded soon!


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