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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Please excuse the interruptions...

Or at least, I am being asked that today it seems.

Laundry day always stresses me out, makes me crazy, frustrates me, interrupts with changing loads, etc.  So it isn't the best of days.  Add to that, the in-out requests from the dogs, and the husband on holidays, and I find it difficult to finish what I start, and I tend to take the easy way out and not start anything.

Ok, I did do some stuff today, and accomplished some things.  But I was rather lazy about some others.  I took pictures, just haven't downloaded them.  Of my painting, and of a bug.

Last week some time, or maybe even more than a week ago, I saw a bug in my flowers.  At first, I thought it was a hummingbird, but it slowed down to drink from the flower, and I realized it wasn't a bird, but a moth.  Very briefly, I wondered if it were a butterfly, but before the thought of the word finished, I realized it had moth characteristics, not butterfly.  Surprisingly, I was able to identify it via google immediately.  A hummingbird moth!  Or, white striped hawk moth... Within a couple of days, my email newsletter from a local garden expert arrived, with information about - hummingbird moths!

I've never seen them before (or if I did, I likely mistook them for the bird or a butterfly, or perhaps even a small bat, since it was near dusk when I saw this one) then suddenly a sighting and information.  Why am I telling you this?  Because, when I get around to downloading from the camera, I'll show you the picture and maybe even the video of the bug that was here again late yesterday afternoon!!

No fresh pictures of the sweater, though.  I finally was able to sort through the directions, set up an easy way to keep track of where I am, and knit the second pattern row.  Now I should be able to whip right through the next several rows... I hope!!  There is a bit of a tricky bit, a strange sort of direction on one of the cables.    And it wants me to stop at 5 inches from the beginning to do some shaping.... The ribbing is 3 inches, and it is bulky yarn, so I'm guessing I won't be doing too many more rows before I stop.  (thinking about overall length and quantity of yarn purchased - wondering about making it a little longer than they say to...need to look at the picture again, plus with the cable patterning, I could throw everything off)  Oh, and I need to make a mental note:  When selecting pattern and yarn for a cable project, think twice about using a dark coloured yarn for directions that say to "knit the knits and purl the purls".  They aren't so easy to see!


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