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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

So, it is Christmas morning.  Already.

It has been a crazy fall, and it kept me from posting or doing much of anything that I wanted to!!

The paint a day project only lasted the first half of the month, and I didn't get camera shots of all of those (yet).  Having a hubby home for a month can cramp a style - sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, I love him very much... but...

Anyway, toward the end of September, we had a plumbing problem, again.  Then October was try-to-catch-up month - didn't work. November - hubby was home for a couple weeks sick.  Which brought us into December - a month that flies by at the best of times!!

In the meantime, I did manage to knit an entire sweater for myself.  A free pattern, Aidez .  I enjoyed that knit. :)  I also managed to make a few socks (I have pictures, still on the camera).  I'll post more about them later.  And now I'm working on a replacement double knit afghan.  I couldn't find the exact pattern in my stash for the replacement (I've made two of them before) but I was able to find the second pattern in a library book.  Both patterns are from the late 80's early 90's, from McCalls Needlework (my memory was wrong; I'd thought the one was from Family Circle or Woman's Day magazine - but maybe they are all under one umbrella... )  Anyway, I did make two afghans before.  One was a winter scene, with a skater and some skiers, trees, stars... The other was a little group of houses, a church, and Santa and sleigh flying past the moon.  The winter scene I did in blue and off white, the Santa one in red and white.  Well, hubby stole the red and white one as soon as it was off the needles, and has loved it on the bed ever since.  Unfortunately, the dogs have also "loved" it, and it is now beyond repair.  So - since I haven't been able to find where I put my Santa pattern (which, I had come across back this summer during an attempt to clear the craft room), I went on a 'net hunt, and that led me to the library, where I found the winter scene pattern.... So, now I'll have a winter scene in blue and off white, and one in red and white.  :)

Oh, I'm sure I've blogged before about my depression fight and my frustration with the house... my attempts to get things done but being interrupted by other things changing priorities (like the plumbing!).  Well, I have finally gotten rid of a lot of the depression!  I made some changes, in December, and things are better now than they have been for a while.

TV viewing - well, I watched all the regular programming... NCIS and NCIS LA have become interesting.  I have started watching them regular, and catching some reruns in syndication.  I still can't get into the new Hawaii 5-0 fully; as in, it is background noise, that I kind of pay attention to, but if there is something on another channel or something recorded to watch, I'll do that instead... Criminal Minds and Big Bang Theory remain favourites.  Survivor is the only reality show I can watch.  Took me several years to get into it, but now I look forward to it.  Walking Dead is another show that I can hardly wait to come back on.  Grimm and Once Upon a Time are great shows, too.  As a matter of fact, my Christmas present is the Once Upon a Time Season 1 DVD :) :) :)

And I finally got caught up on the entire series of Star Trek Voyager, from start to finish.  I have a little problem with their time traveling... they did their best to avoid paradoxes, yet, somehow, I feel the need to examine a few things a bit more closely.... or, I can just let it go and enjoy... Since I ended up erasing the recording so I could tape a few movies, I guess I'll let it go ;)

Well, today is shaping up to being the first sunshining day in several weeks, so I think I'll sign off for now.  If I don't "see" you before, then hope you have a Peaceful Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.  I am going to try again to do that post a day thing on the blog- I nearly made it through most of the year last year - maybe 2013 will be the one! :)



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