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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Goals where are you!!

I didn't get around to giving my goals much thought... But, after posting the title, I decided to jot down some things in my calendar.

I have a new calendar thing. One of those little "checkbook" sized wallet style pocket/purse calendars.  You open a page, and get a week view - spaces to write several lines of appointments etc. on the weekdays, a couple lines each for Saturday and Sunday... I've been writing in it, some of my short term goals or to do list for the day.  Checking things off that I did, X beside the things that didn't happen for whatever reason.  Like, I might plan my day, but then something comes up, and I don't get to it. Or I don't estimate the time it takes properly...

Anyway, I figured, I would jot down the goals that I come up with here for the month on the last day, in this case, January 31st.  Then, when the time comes, I can see if I succeeded. :)  Without having to search here, or anything, especially for adding the goal items to the todo list!

So, my January goals are:
-Start writing that document I never got to last year (a special project that I dragged my heals on, but now I have someone willing to read and critique it for me)
-Thoroughly clean my fridge, and keep it that way!
-Watch some of the movies I PVR'd but feel guilty spending time watching
-Tidy/clean up my livingroom, so I can host a home-sale party in February (I'll talk more about that in a blog post soon)
-Craft-wise:  I'm currently working on a double-knit afghan to replace one I made before that is now dog-damaged beyond repair.  I hope to get it to the half-way mark well before the end of the month.
-I am determined to learn how to do a tubular cast on.  I just haven't been able to wrap my brain around it when I've tried before...

Shorter term goals - I *will* get some pictures ready to share... I promise.  Before too long... for sure by next week.  Too much going on this week and weekend, including a plumbing repair, but things should be settled by next week.

And today - I'm hoping to get some baking done.  Remains to be seen if that happens (I misplaced a recipe I wanted to use).


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