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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Changes, always changes...

Haven't had chance to think about goals... late yesterday, my GS (that's grand son for those not yet well versed in the abbreviations) sent me a chat message on Facebook asking if he could come stay here this morning until Friday "after work" time... Of course, I said yes. :)

So, I was rather busy tidying up a bit, and reorganizing my plans for today.  Still need to do laundry, and I still need to do a bit of between-shopping (forgot to buy cheese that I need for a recipe) but that works, because I can adjust and pick up the few extras I would need for him (extra drinks, maybe a snack thing or two)

So - my post today will also be short again!  Oh, well - I'll get back into the swing of posting.  And I need to wean myself off of so much Facebook time, too... I spent a lot of time on it while being depressed before, and I confess to probably being addicted to a particular game, and I do rather enjoy a couple other games, though I don't have to play them quite so obsessively, and I did spend a lot of time on it over the holidays.  I really need to break that bad habit, and get on with other things...

Hopefully, I can get back into spending less time online, and more time living, and still find just enough time to be online to blog about it all ;)

See you tomorrow (and hopefully I'll have some goals in place!)


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