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Monday, January 07, 2013

Quiet day today

I didn't get to do as much as I wanted, because today, the computer decided to act up....Things I like to do in the morning as part of my waking up and getting my head on straight took a lot longer than they should have... Plus, I decided to try a new recipe today, so that took some planning.  And work... it involved peeling shrimp that was bought when I wasn't paying attention....  My son was with me, and got me distracted on the math of how this package of shrimp was a better deal than the other... of course, because this package is full of shrimp still in the shell... :P

Oh, well - that's OK, I've now used up the last of it (well, will be using it shortly, anyway!) so I will be much more careful in the future!!

So, short picture free post, just because I had a backed up day!!  Tomorrow, things will be better... just as crazy with errands needing to be done, but I'll find the time... I have to, to tell you about my lunch with my sister that is to happen tomorrow!  And, DH will be working late, so I'll be able to play on the computer more  have more time to get things done during the day ;)


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