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Sunday, September 07, 2014


Yes, that is right. I'm moving.

I'm moving my blog.  This one has been attracting way too many spam comments, and I find the title a bit - well, I've evolved.  The blog has evolved.

I still adore cats, I still collect cat things, but I also am spending a lot more quality dog time.  And I am posting craft things more at Ravelry, but will try to improve that one... since I do more than just "Ravelry approved crafts".  (Ravelry is focussing on knit, crochet, and weaving - while there is some needlefelting and dyeing becoming more prevalent, I do lots of other things as well, so I'll still be using my new blog for those kinds of posts).

I tried making a separate blog for food, but find it cumbersome to have too many blogs going.  So, I'll (eventually) be amalgamating my blogs to the new one, and deleting the old.  Same with the feeble attempt at a separate free pattern type blog.

Don't worry, though - over at the new blog, I'll be trying to remember to use labels, so the different type of posts will be findable, hopefully without too much difficulty :)

So - here is the link:  (I think, to avoid attracting the spammers even more, I'll make it a non-clickable link, so, my apologies in advance for making it so you have to do a copy/paste.

animalbabbleandcraft dot blogspot dot ca   So, copy that, paste it into the URL bar, and replace the word dot with a "." and don't forget to take out the spaces. :)

See you over there!!


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