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Friday, January 11, 2013

Why are mice so cute?

And why do cats and dogs have to take their time about dealing with them?

I've had a mouse problem for a little while.  The rotten little so and so has been hanging out under the stove, and ignoring my mousetraps.  It seems to like the dog food, even resorting to scrabbling up the side of the deep plastic dish to steal pieces right out of the bowl!!  I am trying to keep the stray pieces picked up, and the dishes away from in front of the stove, but of course, I can't do that 24/7.

Well, this morning, one of the kitties managed to catch a mouse.  Hurray.  Until.  In order to keep it to herself, and away from the dogs and the other cat, she decided to bring it up onto the kitchen table.  Where I try to do other things, like browse the web...

Just before this, though, she is trying to get to the table... doing the obstacle course set up by two curious dogs and another cat.  At one point, I see that she has the entire front end of the mouse in her mouth... Well, at some point while dodging the others, she adjusts her hold, and the mouse has gotten enough wiggle room to bite on the kitty's lip... She "yelps" and tries to shake it off.  She manages, somehow, to regain control of the situation, and heads for the table.  Dodges the other cat, and nearly loses the mouse under the fridge.  Finally manages to get it where she wants it.

So, she puts it down on the table, and then proceeds to bat it around!!  It gets into the air space I have under the laptop... I lift up the laptop so the cats don't cause any damage... She then bats it onto the floor!!  And loses track... because one of the dogs nabbed it and took off with it.

And put it down in front of the closet, where it was captured from in the first place...

So, I grab the cat, who is searching everywhere under the table.  I point her at the mouse.  The dog growls at her.  I have to tell the dog that the cat should be allowed to deal with the mouse.  Which now smells (to the kitty) like dog slobber.  (I've been there done that one before!).  So, now the cat wants nothing to do with the mouse.  So, I have to tell the dog that it is now OK to have the mouse... So, he finally picks it up, takes it up a few stairs, then leaves it there.  I figure, by now, this thing must be dead.

I pick it up by the tail.  It doesn't move.  I drop it in the toilet (which is the most handy and logical disposal place) and it starts trying to swim.

I really hate being the one who has to dispatch the mice... much prefer to deal with disposal of dead mice.... I feel too guilty being the instrument of death.  :(


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