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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spam redux

Those spam messages I was talking about the other day.  They were nearly all made on old posts.  Some very old posts, even... But, what did I find when I opened my email this morning?  A new comment on yesterday's post!  I got all excited (I know, I write this blog for me, comments aren't required from my readers) until I realized it was from that prolific fan, ''anonymous''.

Sure enough, I opened it, to find a ton of gibberish!!  Really, a lot was hard to understand, but eventually, I was able to make out links to buy or sell items...


Well, today has suddenly gotten away on me - somehow, I nearly forgot to post!!  So, even though it is short, I still need to post someplace else today, and I need to run out for gas for the vehicle... and since I did such a long post yesterday, you deserve a short one today :)


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