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Saturday, January 12, 2013

TV time

TV Time Popcorn.  I miss that stuff.  Really!  Came with its own cooking oil pouch, that added flavour.  Then there was Jiffy Pop.  I think you can still get that, though I don't see it often.  Seems like these days, people are into microwave popcorn, or hot air poppers.  Me, I like making it on the stove, the old fashioned way.  But sometimes, I use the hot air popper.  I was buying and eating the microwave popcorn for a while, and loving it, but it got to be too expensive... So, I've switched back to regular type.

But, that isn't quite the TV time I meant.  I am trying to settle in to the new TV season.  I am so sure that things were different when I was younger.  Seems to me that back then, a "season" consisted of 13 weeks/shows - for the fall.  Then another 13 after a Christmas break.   You only had to put up with reruns in the summer time.  Which was fine, because you could catch up on shows you didn't get to watch because something else was on at the same time.  I mean, really, this was way before VCR's and such.

Now, though - the start of school in the fall does not coincide with the start of new TV shows and new seasons. You are lucky to get to see new shows start up before the Christmas specials come on... Really.  Some don't even get started until November... And then, by mid-December, they are into reruns or not on at all because of the Christmas specials.  So, you have to wait.  Until middle of January or even well into February before you can watch again.  And then, the new shows only last another month, maybe two, and you're into summer reruns...

And I wonder why some perfectly good shows never make it past a season or two... We used to have a thing, where we would never start watching a new show until it had been around at least a year.

So - for now, I'm in a bit of a limbo waiting on  a few favourites to come back, or to start up with new shows again.  And a couple others that I wish I could get a handle on when the "other channels" are going to rerun the series from the start... NCIS and NCIS LA are two that I only recently got into, so I'd love to go back to the start of those ones.  There is a channel that is rerunning the older stuff, but I haven't been able to catch them from the first, or even much in any sequence!  Like I did before with Star Trek Voyager, where I recorded them in order so I could watch them.  Oh, well, one day...

In the meantime, Criminal Minds is still into reruns.  And Once Upon A Time has started new shows.  Walking Dead isn't starting for a few weeks, and Survivor will be starting mid-February.  And then there is Grimm....

I haven't found it in the listings yet, and haven't seen a preview/promo for it either.  I finally went googling, and there are more episodes made and ready to go...

So looking forward to some good TV again.


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