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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upset today...

Not totally sure why.  One of those days when you are super sensitive to stuff.  So, the littlest thing gets you angry, or sad, or frustrated, or...

Laundry day. That's never a good thing.  I did accomplish some stuff today - I got some recycling stuff sorted and disposed of.  Some newspapers bagged to take to a pet shelter.  A bag of garbage tied up and out the door...   While I was dealing with cupboard issues and plumbing and mice, I had to keep the bag for garbage up on the counter.  And I don't have much counter space!!  But, the mouse was chewing into the bag.  I have one of those inside the cupboard door type bag holder garbage things.  Anyway, I waited, I watched... no fresh mouse poop.  So, I put the fresh bag back into the holder.............

I really need to find some new mousetraps.

(I don't have to sort my recyclables for the bin - but the shelter doesn't want flyers/ad inserts because they are often glossy and non-absorbant, and usually odd-ball sizes - so I was sorting those from the regular newspaper stuff)

I use the word "stuff" alot.

I finished my scarf last night, tested it this morning.  I love it... I didn't take a picture, though.  Yet.  I may get around to that later... I've been rather out of sorts today, which I already said.

Well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day - I will be having lunch with a new friend, at an old restaurant, that is going to close by the end of this month...


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