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Friday, January 18, 2013

"Guest" post.

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to tell you about how my life changed three years ago today.  I was pretty young, back then.  I lived in a tiny room in a shelter.  I had friends - people who would play with me, talk to me, walk with me.  But I really wanted something more.

Then, *she* walked into my life.  She came to the place where I was living, and I first saw her through a window.  Our eyes met, locked for an instant, and I knew right away that she needed me, maybe even more than I needed her.  It was love at first sight, I'm sure.

We met - spent some time together, but she had to leave again.  She promised to come back.  I waited.  I started to wonder if she really would.  It got to be late, and I went to bed.

But, someone came and woke me up!  I was very tired, and not a little confused.  But, it was true - there she was, but with some other guy!  I didn't know what to do... Honestly, I was still half asleep, and even though I recognized this lady, the man with her I'd never seen before.  I wasn't too sure about him at all; I was even a little bit afraid of him!

The woman and the man talked.  She was almost ready to cry.  I didn't know really what was going on, and I was starting to think I'd made a mistake about this lady.  All I wanted in those few moments was to go back to my little room and go back to bed.

Well, instead of letting me do that, the woman and the man went away, to talk to one of my friends.  And a few more of my other friends came to talk to me, and to let me know that everything was going to be OK.   In fact, they kept telling me it was going to be wonderful!

The two people came back, and they were both very happy.  My friends got a couple of my own things from my room, and gave them to the people.  Then, the man took me out to their vehicle.  I haven't been for many rides before, and some of them weren't the most fun.  So I was a little bit afraid again.  But, that nice lady was there, too.  They took me to a house.  It was  big!!!  Much bigger than I was used to.  I kind of stayed by the door - it was a small area, a lot like my old room... I wasn't sure what to do.  I mean, here I was, tired, confused, scared....

Hard to believe it was only three years ago!!  And hard to believe how scared I was - I've learned that the man, who I now call "Daddy", is not to be feared, but to be loved.  He plays with me, he brings me balls to play fetch with, and he pets me and hugs me.  He lets me nap on the couch beside him.  And the woman - I call her "Mommy".  She loves me, plays with me, hugs me, protects me, snuzzles me, feeds me, brushes me - I was right, when I saw her that day three years ago.  We were just meant for each other!!  I'm so glad she decided to come into that shelter that day!

OK, "guest" post over ;)  I just thought it would be fun, on this third anniversary of my beloved Delko coming into our family, to maybe write what it might have been like from his perspective.  Of course, there is no way to know why he had the baggage he did - he had a history of issues with men.  He's mostly gotten over those, but it still takes a while for him to warm up to men when he first meets them.  But the bonding - I am positive by the way he acted when we met that it was as I typed above for him.  I mean, he did look out his window, and right into my eyes, and melted my heart.  And when he was brought into the "meeting room", he barreled across the room, jumped up onto the couch beside me, and put his head in my lap and looked up at me with love, as if to say, "We belong".   The bond has grown since then, and while I'll never forget my baby Bear, D has a place beside him in my heart forever.


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