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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Criminal Minds on TV last night

Ok, the title is the only spoiler warning you get.

I am SO not happy.  Not cool, writers.  Not cool at all.

One of my favourite characters on the show - Dr. Spencer Reid - is one who seems to be picked on more than the others.  Not just because I like him so much, because I do like several of the others, but it seems that while the others face various personal crises, and are often put into extreme danger, Dr. Reid is put in more difficult situations, more heart wrenching, more peril, more burn-out-inducing story lines than all the others put together!

And I really don't like what happened at the end of last night's show.  Reid finally gets a love interest that doesn't make him seem like a socially inept geeky pre-teen in an adult's body, and then KILL HER OFF!!! IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!

I am not impressed.

Tomorrow - I'm going to have a "guest blogger" ...


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